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With a home network at the heart of your home is a centralized home connection center – a superior way to route traditional home wiring and the most modern way to distribute entertainment services within your home.

Make your smart home wireless with a home connection center and home networkYour New Smart Home – It all starts here

Building your dream home from the ground up gives you the chance to add today’s “smart” technology to enhance entertainment, communication and comfort. The Home Connection Center is where it all comes together. Signals from the outside world (telephone, cable TV, satellite, Internet) enter the Home Connection Center and are distributed throughout the house.

Home Connection Center – Connected, Powerful, Reliable

Our service technician will customize the wireless options of your Home Connection Center based on your needs and use. We’ll make sure it’s set up so that you can connect, but your neighbors can’t. Considering all the information that runs through the Home Connection Center, it feels great to be wireless and worry-free.